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Belgian Shepherd


This page will lead you to the history, breed standard and lots of other information about the Belgian Shepherd





Pictures I took during different events can be consulted here. If you would like to use a picture, please let me know.

Ria Seeder


Dogs have always been a part of Ria's youth. After having had different breeds, she decided to get a border collie.


Currently Ria is licensed as a judge for the Belgian Obediance Program and Sociability test.



Saskia Vermeylen


Saskia had a German shepherd watching over her from the minute she was born. After coming in contact with Irak du Domaine Ponti, she decided that that was the breed for her.


Currently she is a licensed international show judge for all 4 varieties of the Belgian Shepherd.


Contact: saskia.vermeylen@belgian-jewels.be



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Pregnancy Confirmed: Hakino will have her last litter with Daron.


Later on this year JBK Cowboy up will arrive from the USA. A lot of thank to Jodie Keener to allow this boy to come to Europe.


2016 / 01 / 10



On 06 and 07 January 2016, Daron mated Hakino van 't Hof Kiobie.


More information can be found on Daron's page.






Just went to Romania for the Dracula Show with some great results:

Gillie: Romanian Champion and Romanian Champion Cum Laude

Daron: Romanian Champion

Hayk: Romanian Chamion, Romanian Champion Cum Laude, International Show Champion.


In July, I adopted an old lady. She adapted wonderfully so she deserves her own page.