Laid Back the Mystic Angel

Laid Back the Mystic Angel

Date of Birth: 04 Jan 2020

Breeder: Angelique Van Vogelpoel (Netherlands)

Health: Too young for official health results.  He has both testicles and a puppy scissor bite

Activities: He is at the moment just enjoying being a puppy and playing with his father

Highlight Results: At the momentt his biggest achievement is playing with his father, walking on a leash and sitting when asked.

Pedigree Laid Back the Mystic Angel

Ch. Jacke de Korosti (TVA)

Ch. Eckmul de Kenatier (GR)

Ch. Quinto Rival de Bruine Buck (GR)

Blanche de Condivicuum (GR)

Ch. Berta de d'Artamas (GR)

Ch. Picard de Brunalines (GR)

Ch. Tina de d' Artamas (GR)

Joy the Mystic Angel (TV)

Figaro di Scottatura (TV)

Ch. Domburg in Envy (TV)

Ch. Avril di Scottatura (TV)

Daylight the Mystic Angel (TV)

Beau (TV)

Ch. Naomi van Nikaron (TV)