Silque Ushi

Silque Uschi

Date of Birth: 09 Apr 1996

Date of Death: 01 May 2008

Breeder: Frieda Vanden Berghe

Health: No official health tests done.  She was spayed

Activities: Belgian Obedience and Flyball

Highlight Results:

  • Several Exc at shows

Pedigree Silque Uschi

Ch. Krislyn Bomber at Beagold

Ch. Clan-Abby Silver Kiwi at Beagold

Ch. Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone

Ch. Pania Clan-Abby

Borderbreeeze Snow Crystal at Krislyn

Ch. Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone

Ch. Clan-Abby Love Story at Borderbreeze

Wendevick Quelly

Meiken Manhattan

Mizanne The Joker

Meiken Glamour Girl

Meiken Charlie Girl

Corinlea Rookie at Meiken

Corinlea Jenna at Meiken