Yentos of the Two

Ch. & M.Vet.Ch. Yentos of the Two

Picture courtesy of Patricia Maes

Date of Birth: 21 Feb 1999

Date of Death: 23 Jul 2013 (anal cancer)

Breeder: Eric Desschans

Health: He had an enlarged prostate since young age. At the age of 7 he was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia although his hips were fine at the age of 11 months.

Activities: Recreational form of Belgian Obediance, Belgian Ringsport and Flyball

Highlight Results:

  • VDH Champion
  • Hungarian Champion
  • Dutch Veteran Champion
  • Hungarian Veteran Champion
  • VDH Veteran Champion

Pedigree Yentos of the Two

Ch. Joker de Brunalines (TV)

Ch. Giono du Bois du Tot (TVA)

Carey du Bois du Tot (TV)

Daphne du Castel d' Argences (TV)

Belle de la Clairi√®re aux Louves (TV) 

Ch. Olrick du Chemin des Dames (GR)

Thalie du Puits d' Ombelle (TV)

Serena of the Two

Carry du Perigord Vert (GR)

Ch. Grimm van de Hoge Laer (TV)

Ch. Perette du Chemin des Dames (GR)

Night of the Two (GR)

Jaras van de Hoge Laer (TV)

Freya van de Hoge Laer (TV)